Ultemate was created 10,000 meters above ground on a transatlantic flight between Europe and Asia. I was reading a book when my extremely expensive designer glasses started bothering me and I had to take them off for a while.
Actually Ultemate was conceived there but was brought to the world 2 years later after months of researching, consulting, and hiring the best professionals worldwide to develop the ultimate eyewear – that are paper light, steel strong and amazingly beautiful. 

How did we do it?

Ultemate is the ultimate eyewear made of a material called "ultem" - the most innovative material in the world. It is ultra-flexible, ultra-weight and ultra-durable as it has both low and high long term temperature resistance. 
The Ultemate collection is ultra-flattering & ultra-fashionable. It offers endless color combinations and individual styling, and fitting solutions for all shapes of faces.
You will quickly forget that you have them on.